Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Casual sunset

No, I'm not such a big fan of Lady Gaga, I just liked the T-shirt.. and it's long enough to be worn with tights :)
On the other hand, the girls from Bucharest Style featured me in their Inspirational style section. You can check the post here! Thanks again Sil & Ral! Kisses ><

Nu, nu sunt fanul numarul 1 Lady Gaga, mi-a placut doar tricoul .. plus ca e suficient de lung pentru a fi purtat cu colanti :)
Trebuie sa va spun ca fetele de la Bucharest Style au facut un mini-interviu cu mine în secţiunea lor Inspirational Style. Vezi aici articolul! Multumesc inca o data Sil & Ral! Va puuup ><

tee - Glow, plimsolls & sunglasses - H&M, random tights, shoe laces - Accessorize


  1. I love the t-shirt and the background behind you. very cool pictures. hahaha, i have a gaga t-shirt myself.

    Costin M.

  2. Costin, I checked your blog and your Gaga t-shirt is way cooler than mine, wanna trade? :)))

  3. hahahaha, to be honest i did like the telephone video a lot. :))

  4. I said I'm not a big Gaga fan, but you made me watch the video again :)) I can't deny it's a work of art :)

  5. Following you back, thank you for the follow xx Joice

  6. hola me a encantado tu blog :),
    es exelente, espero puedas pasar por el mio soy de mexico y estoy tratando de difundir un poco el diseño mexicano por todo el mundo espero puedas ayudarnos
    un gusto enorme....


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