Friday, 18 January 2013

Absolutely cold

Have you ever wondered how fashion bloggers do their glamorous pictures during winter time? I'll tell you: freezing their ass off!! Yes, they normally wear 3 tones of clothes (including beanies, scarves & gloves) and maybe some not-so-fancy boots that keep them warm, but when the camera is on, those clothes come off. What remains is usually a spring-ish outfit and preferably the high heeled shoes they carried in their bag the whole day. BAM! Secret revealed :)) 
I almost never do that, as I absolutely hate being cold, but this time Teo and I decided to test my newly bought DSLR camera. The photoshoot lasted like 10 minutes (for both of us), as you can see in the last photos, our hands were red and we didn't know how to cover them.. Thank God I still have some unposted photos from last summer that I'll put on the blog until the weather becomes decent enough to pose again.

I was wearing: H&M necklace, Kenvelo blouse, ASOS dress, boots & beanie, Zara coat; also trying on a Fandacsia hat & MOO Eyewear @Absolutely Fabulous Winter Fair

 TEO's dotted legs

And the usual Instagram pics @dana_leatherandlace


  1. You look so FAB! Love the necklace! <3

  2. The bib necklace is so obscure that I strangely and surprisingly like it very much, even in the combination with leopard;)

  3. Interesting and nice ankle boots !<3

  4. Loved your post (pictures and comments)! It's so true that fashion bloggers always turn on the fashionable style (and so not comfortable) on when the camera is around! And the heels omg..


    Style by Three

  5. love your shoes !
    beautiful pictures


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