Thursday, 22 November 2012

Healthy Narcissism

Today I've decided to become a narcissistic. But not just any kind: I shall become a healthy narcissistic.

As Freud said, liking oneself is a precondition for liking others. We all need a bit of narcissim, a bit of overwhelming self esteem - to feel good about ourselves and to believe we can do anything. It's about self acceptance and self control.
What you have to do:
  • take a deeper look in the mirror and realise you have such beautiful eyes or maybe great cheekbones
  • think of your latest achievement and congratulate yourself for being able to complete it
  • look again in the mirror - this time at your body, find your greatest quality, be proud of it and use it to your advantage; if you have a small waist, always emphasize it with a belt; if you have a great "derrière", you should wear pencil skirts; and if you have a great hourglass figure you will rock a bodycon dress
  • be sincere to yourself! at least once a week spend some quality time with yourself, and think of the things that made you happy and make them happen again
  • take 2 hours free from the rest of the world and do whatever you love doing without letting anyone interrupt you
  • be sincere with the people you know and you'll develop great relationships; if something bothers you and you don't talk about it, you will just end up frustrated
  • set a tangible goal for the next month and indulge yourself when you achieve it
  • laugh a lot or at least smile!
  • take a photo with the front camera of your phone and post it on Instagram; you'll feel good when you see how many like you get

In the end, forgive me for the big amount of photos in this post - I absolutely adore every single one of them!! I worked with such a great-patient-talented photographer and this is the result, thank you again, RR!!

Bonus: a picture I made with my phone:


  1. The photos are delightful! I love the dress, and that shade of blue suits you amazingly!

  2. healthy narcissistic .... I like the concept :)))
    Anyway, amazing photos, dear !!! I love them !

  3. Wow, nice photos! I like this dress a lot! I'm your new follower ;)


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