Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Kenvelo Revival Event

Kenvelo Loves You! Kenvelo Loves Bloggers, too!! A couple of weeks ago fellow fashionistas and I attended the Kenvelo Revival Event, which was a real succes. Long story short, here are the 10 highlights of the evening:

1. Kenvelo was the first brand I ever had a crush for - from secondary school till highschool.
2. In the last couple of years I only entered the shop 4-5 times, didn't buy anything for myself, only le boyfriend bought a winter jacket.
3. In the before pictures I wore H&M sweater, skirt & necklace, Zara shoes and bag from TheBagShop.ro.
4. Yes, Teo and I had the same necklace :">
5. We had to create a full outfit only with the clothes in the store, so in the after pictures I was dressed all in Kenvelo!! I only kept the shoes & necklace.
6. It was very hard to choose between 2 pairs of jeans, I think I'll be back in the store for the one I left behind..
7. I got to wear the jeans the other day and they left some blue marks on my hands, hope that won't happen again after I wash them. Besides having to wash my hands more often (that couldn't be that bad, right?!), I felt really comfortable, I really like the fabric and how they fit!
8. The flannel shirt and the striped sweater were from the men section and geeze they were hard to choose also. I can honestly say I loved the mens collection the most! You should definitely give it a try!
9. Alina and Diana did an amazing job at organising this event, like always! be sure to watch the video at the end of the post!
10. We even had Kenvelo cupcakes, so cute :">

And some INSTAGRAM pics @dana_leatherandlace


  1. Ce poze frumoase! Pantofii sunt superbi, iar colierul este demential!

  2. Nice blog!! would you mind following each other via bloglovin? :)

    / Malin @ http://fashionfied.tk


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