Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Mustard socks

As you could see in the previous posts, I absolutely love wearing socks with shoes, especially with heels. They make my feet feel more comfortable and that's what I need when I have to go to work and then to school ( that means lots of walking ).
shoes - Old Navy; socks - Bershka; bag - TK Maxx
jacket - Katy Baker; watch - Avon; ring - Meli Melo
bracelet - gift from my boyfriend; everything else - random stores/ vintage


  1. sosete d-astea are si mamaie, doar ca ea stie sa scrie in limba engleza, chiar daca nu e fashionista ca tine. in plus, arati de parca ai fi gravida in 6 luni, fie de la mine.

  2. andra,

    sa stii ca pot sa accept criticile pertinente, formulate inteligent si motivate, insa ce ai scris tu mai sus e doar o remarca rautacioasa si pari invidioasa, fie de la mine. n-am zis ca sunt fashionista. punct


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